Familiar — unfamiliar TikTok

maxresdefaultTikTok has gained a lot of new users over the past weeks, which means a lot of new content. What’s behind the popularity of this app?

Singing, dancing, having fun: TikTok has made a global breakthrough with hilarious videos. In 2020, TikTok took first place in the ranking of the most downloaded apps, ahead of WhatsApp and Instagram. Its download count is still impressive, with 2 billion downloads announced in May 2020. Of course, this does not mean that so many people use the app — there are 800 million active users, which is still impressive. However, this is not official data because TikTok does not disclose it. In comparison, Instagram boasts over a billion active users on its website, but we’re talking about a platform with more story and more power.

Why is TikTok attracting so many users?

TikTok: every second counts

On TikTok, each video can be up to 15 seconds long. The site’s motto matches this: every second counts! Lipsync videos are especially popular — teenagers play their favorite songs and record themselves as if they were singing themselves. I also really like short choreographic performances or anecdotes.

Once downloaded, you can start browsing, which is a little stressful at first. The video restarts every 15 seconds.

If the user liked the movie, he gives him a heart or writes a comment — this is possible only after creating an account on TikTok. Instead of a mobile phone number, an email address is sufficient for registration.

Favorite channel on TikTok

Once the video is posted, you can get tik tok followers, and the most successful users will be able to make money on TikTok. Until now, trendsetters have had to use other platforms to make money, such as Instagram, where advertising is a daily reality.

One of the platform’s biggest stars is Charlie D’Amelio with over 57 million subscribers. Charlie Hudson, 16, has attracted over 20 million followers, many of whom are boys and girls aged 11-13. This shows that a career at TikTok can be pursued at any age.

TikTok alerts

And now the most interesting thing: the use of the application is allowed from the age of 13; there is an age limit in the Apple App Store. Apparently, the app is still finding its way into the devices of younger users. When registering, you only need to enter a false date of birth to start watching or posting videos. Therefore, parents should talk to their children about the app and explain to them the risks associated, in particular, with recording and sharing videos.